Hmmmmm…wonder if Karl likes this…

This t-shirt is too funny! KFC (with Chanel logo:))

Karl Lagerfeld, who has lost a lot of weight years ago is definitely NOT a KFC fan. Rumor: Karl lives on Coca Cola Zero. Not sure if THAT is the healthiest diet but it DOES work but please don’t try this at home:)


Kristin Davis adopts baby girl

The dream of Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis has come true! The 46-year old actress has adopted a baby girl named Gemma Rose! The actress wanted to become a mother for a long time and now she is the mother of a wonderful little girl. With a mother like that the lucky girl will become a Fashionista, no doubt!

It’s all about the money!

At least: that is what you would think looking at the bizarre¬†hat designed by hat designer Philip Treacy and worn on a shopping spree by Lady Gaga today…

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