Nathalie, where have we seen THAT dress before?????

One of Hollywood’s most talented AND beautiful actresses is without any doubt Nathalie Portman.

Last night during the Golden Globes she looked absolutely stunning in her shocking pink dress…very original as the red carpet was dominated with white, red and black dresses.

But where have we seen that dress before? On Marilyn Monroe during her famous movie/song “Diamonds are a girls best friend”..have a look  yourself..

And the Golden Globe for the best dress goes to….

Although recession hits everyone in the world I’ve never seen the stars look more beautiful, glamorous and polished as during the Golden Globes 2012 last night.

Old Hollywood Glamour all around…except for British/comedian Ricky Gervais who of course made sure the event did not become too stylish!:)

Have a look at the great Hollywood dresses: THE colour of the event was white with here and then a touch of Valentino red..

For me THE winner of the evening was Angelina Jolie who looked very stylish in old Hollywood school Glamour with the greatest accessorie a girl can hold: Brad Pitt!

Are YOU ready for Halloween???

It will be one week and then: YEH,  Halloween! Are you ready to scare some people????

Well Mariah Carey and her husband Nick certainly are: fully dressed as the Incredibles it wasn’t enough for them to be the ones to wear a costume: little Monroe and Morroccan (WHO came up with that name??) have to celebrate Halloween as well: like it or not!!!


Now THAT is a look fit for a lady!

I can’t believe my eyes!!! Lady Gaga is looking all classy, chic and stylish stepping out in New York.

What a lady! Is she inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s look in Breakfast at Tiffany?

Certainly looks like it!

Have a look now at Ebay: historic dress Mae West for Sale

Iconic movie star Mae West only went abroad once in her life for a play and when she returned from the UK she was wearing a great little black dress. Although Mae West was wearing this dress in 1948 I would say the model and shape are still  highly fashionable today! Notice the platform heels Mae is wearing. And the hat! Hats are very Winter 2011/2012!

This dress is of course a collector’s item. So if you are interested: go to Ebay and check out more pics of the dress and..who knows..even place a bit?

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