Bergdorf Goodman: THE Store of New York

Whenever I am in New York I HAVE to visit Bergdorf Goodman. The store has the glamour of the 40´s movies with its wooden floors and the civilized atmosphere. Here the real NY rich ladies go to shop. No loud and badly dressed tourists to be found.

Visiting Bergdorf Goodman I go from floor to floor not minding the gap on the escaltor but of my mouth: here all the designer dresses are to be found..pricetags of no less than 30.000 dollars are found on delicious evening dresses of Galliano or Nina Ricci.

And if you dont want to go in: Bergdorf Goodman is famous for its beautiful Windows. Even when windowshopping I can´t help saying ” OMG, OMG” all the time…

Here one the latest windows of Bergdorf Goodman: I can´t wait to be in New York again (next month!!) and go there to feast my eyes and get lots of inspiration!














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