Be more successful in life. How? With designer clothes and bags

On my way home tonight in my black devil I heard something unbelievable on the radio and just minutes ago my BFF Sudakshina from NYC mailed me the same message.

Believe it or not! Its true! People who wear clothes with a logo are rated as being more successful.

Rob Nelissen and Marijn Meijers, social psychologists at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, conducted a series of experiments to test whether designer labels affect how we perceive people. In one experiment, participants rated strangers wearing Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger polo shirts as wealthier and higher status than people wearing unbranded polos. In another, strangers were more likely to donate to charity if the person collecting donations wore a sweater with a designer logo.

People with designer outfits also get a higher salary than people with clothes without a logo.

DonĀ“t you think that this is unfair and superficial? I do! If I like something I like something and sometimes that item is a Chanel design and sometimes its a logo-less piece.

Let me know what you think!

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