Balmain inspired by Abba?

I used to be, and still am, a huge fan of ABBA…now that I am an adult I am not affraid to admit this but being a teenager it was NOT COOL to be fan of ABBA…In the safety of my sweet baby (no, not the Gucci Fiat) I sing along with Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen en ofcourse Waterloo.┬áRemember ABBA winning the Eurovision Songcontest in 1974 with Waterloo?

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I saw the Balmain fashion show yesterday and boy….Balmain really has outdone himself: what a strong, original en sexy collection! But I could not help myself thinking of Abba seeing some of the designs…

Balmain Ready to wear Autumn/Winter ┬┤11/┬┤12


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