Are you a school-gate-ready yummy mummy?

Well, I am very sorry to inform you that I am not! Mini-me always looks styled as if she could be called up on the Catwalk within seconds but as for me: COMPLETELY different story..

Mini-me takes all the time in the morning to wake up, stand before her closet and debate what to wear and what not to (did I not wear this 2 days ago?) but I run downstairs to prepare breakfast and lunch and throw something on (you DONĀ“t want to know what! Well..ok, ok..jogging pants, old t-shirt and a cardigan with old ballet flats) before I very often drop mini me off at school and then go home to shower and dress myself for work.

But Elle MacPherson, well, she is a different story: she definitely is a school gate ready yummy mummy! We have collected some photos of her on her way (early in the morning!) dropping off her children.

Watch and learn ladies, because THIS is how its done!;)

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