Anna Wintour in Bloomberg Game Changes

Have you seen the movie “The September Issue”?

Have to tell you: mini me and yours truly can´t get enough of that movie!

The fashion, The people, Grace (love her, love her, love her!), the designers and last but not least Anna Wintour…the movie is like a big chocolate cake that you want to keep eating (but with less callories than the chocolate cake;))

Anyway: I am intrigued by Anna Wintour..her influence on fashion is huge..if she goes to a designer in, let´s say Paris, the designer is really nervous so show his ideas to Anna before finalizing the design and if Anna really does not like it the designer is very likely not to take that design into his collection. So, Anna Wintour is a huge influence on the catwalk trends and therefore on what WE are going to wear…from designer to let´s say high street fashion..

And the spotlight is on Anna again in de new documentary series “Bloomberg Game Changes”. Although Anna herself was not directly involved in making the documentary lots of people around her are interviewed and some interesting facts about this Powerwoman come to light! For example did you know that Anna Wintour helped Gap in 2007 when Gap was going through a rough time?

Wanna see the documentary? Click this link:

A rare view: Anna in jeans

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