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Being an Amsterdam City Girl (at least that is how I like to think of myself:  but I was actually born in a small village near the Belgium border) ofcourse I know all the ins-and-outs of Amsterdam..At least that is what I thought. Walking in Amsterdam once, a tourist came up to me asking: “Where can I find the Bulldog?”…Already in my late Twenties I did not have a clue of what he was talking about. The Bulldog? Was this a hip clothing brand or a petshop that I did not know about (but where I SHOULD have known about)? Well no, apparently it was, and still is, a coffeeshop. Not a kind of Dutch, a coffeeshop in terms of smoking illegal stuff..

So people from abroad: no, not all Dutch people smoke this kind of stuff and no; we do not all know where The Bulldog is!!!;)

But I do know my way around the hotspots!  Streets with shops you won´t find in the Centre of Amsterdam and probably will not find at all, being a tourist. Situated not too far from the centre and surrounded by canals you will find “the Nine little Streets”. Today I want to show you the “Huidenstraat” one of my favourite streets..let me tell you why!

The Huidenstraat is a street filled with nice shops and little restaurants.

Shops like Scotch and Soda, Laundry Industry and Zipper are worth visiting.

At Zipper, THE Vintage Shop where you can find all kinds of fashionable vintage clothes for women and men; belts, boots, sunglasses, the staff is very friendly and will help you to find what you are looking for: you can browse through this shop for hours and still find hidden treasures (I actually found one today; I will tell you more about it tomorrow.

The shop is filled with petticoats, boots and vintage clothes of the ´60´s and ´70´s, some never worn…

and nailpolish in all colours of the rainbow, prices about 3 EUR (5 dollars)

And what about these fashionable rings? Rings inspired by the Cartier panther ring, a ring with big red lips, or a sparkling bow…well have a look yourself!

Time for coffee and sweets! Once you have visited “Pompadour” you keep wanting to come back there..The Pompadour, a patisserie where you can drink coffee or tea and eat all kinds of sweets…In this area everybody knows The Pompadour, already being there for 47 years and baking all pastries themselves…Sitting there makes you feel like a lady in the French styled patisserie

This is what The Pompadour looks like inside

And all the delicious cakes, pies, chocolates etc..

And to make you even more jealous: this is what I had (cheesecake….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

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