Alexander McQueen and the Ice Queens

Yesterday the Alexander McQueen collection was presented in Paris. A special occasion as this was the first collection to be designed by Alexander McQueens right hand Sarah Burton. Sarah was appointed head designer after McQueen died last year.

The theme of the collection “the ice queen and her court” could not be more appropriate: the (mostly)  icy white designs had a blurry-edged softness, which came from the fur that lined hems, cuffs, and shoulder seams.  Fur and organza blurred the lines.

Alexander McQueen may look down from heaven and be very proud as Sarah Burton designed a REAL McQueen collection. The McQueen DNA is clearly there.

The question that is now burning on everyone´s lips: is Sarah Burton to design Kate Middletons wedding gown? Well, if so: bolt choice of Kate but I am sure Sarah would do a great job! We´ll just have to wait till April the meantime: enjoy the pics of the Ice Queens of McQueen!







































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