Alexander McQueen; A tribute to one of the greatest artists of all times

Without any doubt Alexander McQueen is one of the most original and daring fashion designers of all times. Sometimes shocking but always unique and advanced. McQueen had a large group of loyal fans: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga are just a few.

Sadly Alexander McQueen passed away in February 2010 but his work will live on forever. Who can forget the flowerdress of the 2007 collection? The great dress covered with lilac and purple flowers which fell off the dress during the show. The audience was under the impression that the “falling of the flowers” was a “remote control” thing but the dress was covered with real flowers who were attached to the dress 5 minutes before the show and simply fell off..

In honor to the rebel amongst the fashion designers the Metropolitan Museum of Art has organized an exhibition of 100 iconic pieces of Alexander McQueen from May 4, till July 31 2011.

Guess who is going? MOI!!!!!!

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