A night in Tel Aviv: what to wear

Tel Aviv is such a great city! On my last night in Tel Aviv my good friend Oskar and I first went out for sushi and then to a roof party/wine tasting with an international crowd.

What to wear on a warm night in trendy Tel Aviv? Keep it simple and add great accessories to make your look special! One of the best accessories (AND FREE TOO!) is a real flower in your hair: gives you a great and exotic look and if you have a bad hairday (like I had) it makes you look great..

I wore a Zara jeans, golden flip-flops from Ann Taylor New York, a silk v-back shirt of Zara (35 dollars!), a golden cuff (12 dollars vintage shop Amsterdam) and my latest treasure: the golden/bronze sequins clutch/purse of Zara (45 dollars)

Categories: Front Row Style tip, Street Style

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