A little bit of orange for you?????

Some of my actions might give you the impression that I´m a young girl who doesn´t know better…well..I´m a slightly older girl with a Mini-me and I SHOULD know better sometimes..

This time I read an article on Spray Tanning in a magazine..As I had some invitations for the Amsterdam Fashion Week for July last year, and wanted to wear some strapless dresses, it seemed a GREAT and EASY way to get a sunny colour..

So that Thursday I went to this cute Tanning salon in Amsterdam..it was hot outside that day..but: guess what? the moment I came out of the salon it was raining…although the word rain does not cover what came out of the air at that moment..Although I had an umbrella and parked the car close by I did get raindrops on arms and legs which resulted in an instant “dalmatier look” ….

After the tanning you have to – kind of –  sit still on an old towel because the first few hours you leave tanning marks everywhere.

Can you imagine me sitting all evening on the sofa with arms and legs spread so the tanning could do its work optima-forma?

Next morning my bed sheets were completely orange/brown..but when I looked in the mirror I was deeply satisfied with my truly deep sunny teint..but apperantly I was the only one:

Mini-me and Senior-me who saw me 2 days later and didn´t know about this escapade were not satisfied but deeply shocked when they spotted my new colour.

Mini-me: “OMG, you are NOT my mother” and Senior-me: “WHAT have you done this time?”…What a heart-warming response from my closest relatives…but the same relatives were probably the only ones telling me the truth: that I simply looked too orange and fake…So..spray tanning?

Been there, done it.. not for me!!!!

I looked a bit like this, but then worse:) (Thank you Mini-me for photo shopping this photo and making me look Spray-tanning-Orange;):

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